• Summer Sled Dog Adventure

    Summer Sled Dog Adventure and Scenic Mountain Tour 
The Alaskan Iditarod of Summer!

Summer Sled Dog Adventure and Scenic Mountain Tour 

A safe, comfortable and fun way to experience Iditarod Dog Sledding!
An 8 mile journey in our open air Pinzgauers take you on the historical Iditarod trail where the mountains open up to one of the most scenic landscapes in all of Alaska.

Here you will meet one of our mushers  and their amazing sled dogs, observe dog handling techniques, and interact with the dogs that ran the Iditarod.

Feel the raw power of these sled dogs as you ride through trails high up in the mountains. The sled dogs respond to the musher's commands as a whole, moving and navigating as if they were of one mind. It’s a sight to see, and an experience you will never forget!

After your cart ride, you will visit our beautiful puppy pavilion.  Check out Iditarod memorabilia including racing sled, trophies, and all the gear and warm clothing that he needs to survive in temperatures of 40-60 below while racing over a thousand miles in unforgiving conditions. There is a reason it’s called “The Last Great Race”!

Meet Our All-Star Dogs!

The Puppy Petting Pen at the Prospectors Pavilion

When the cart ride is complete, enjoy a short Pinzgauer transfer to our beautiful new “Puppy Pavilion”. This is your chance to cuddle future Iditarod athletes. If you thought the dogs were cute, the puppies will surely melt your heart! You can snuggle with them and take a picture or two with your favorite! Check out Iditarod memorabilia including a dog sled used by Joe Reddington, the Father of the Iditarod. 

View photos of our mushers and the dog team running the Iditarod in negative 40° temperatures and see for yourself why it’s called the “Last Great Race on Earth”! When it's time to say bye to the puppies, we will take you back to Girdwood with your big smiles, happy memories and lots of photos!

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